Character Questionnaire

Your Player Character answers these questions.

1. You’re either new to Orange County, or new to your Requiem. Which is it?

2. Were you born (and did you die) in Orange County?

3. There are two sorts of Kindred in Orange County: those working for the Court or a powerful Los Angeles lord, who receive payment in blood, and those who work for themselves, who don’t. Circumstances of either (relatively) foreign birth or (relative) youth have prevented you from being one of the former. What niche have you carved out for yourself in Kindred society in the meantime? Or do you drift aimlessly, reliant on the charity of others?

4. In your travels around the County and Southern California you are likely to cross paths with an adherent of the popular Carmelite heresy, a divergent branch of Kindred religion. The Carmelites, named after the Living Saint Carmela Vicente, believe that the mortal Bible takes theological precedence over the Kindred Testament of Longinus; that only a few of the Testaments of Longinus should still be observed without lapse or exception, especially the Testament forbidding siring new Kindred; that the doctrine of Kindred serving the Kine as terrible, savage Wolves is nothing less than a blasphemous betrayal of Christ’s teachings of love and mercy; and that the practice of Vinculum is slavery for ghoul and kindred thralls alike, and must be abolished. Would you be sympathetic to these views? Are they blasphemy?

5. How do you get around Orange County on a nightly basis?

6. You still have (at least) one strong emotional connection in your Requiem. It might be a mortal descendant, or a ghouled friend, or even a Kindred relative, rare as they are. Try as you might (some may have tried harder than others), the relationship has resisted all efforts to dissolve it. You might even be trying your hardest to get rid of it, but it’s still there on the first night of the chronicle. Who are you connected to?

7. Is your sire around? If not, what happened?

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?

9. Where do you live?

10. What’s your favorite song? (Or, choose a song for your PC that you feel represents them)

Character Questionnaire

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