Items Found

Luz de Dios, a blue metal flashlight with a silver engraving of the sun. The inscription on it reads: ‘Contra las almas más oscuras Yo brillo la luz de Dios’*. A gift from the late Bishop Rodriguez to the late Lord Thomas Franks. Its effects and powers are uncertain and undiscovered.

Thomas Franks’s Diary, labeled 1975-197?, recovered from the Santiago House. The last diary of the late Lord Thomas Franks, who served as last ambassador of the old Orange Court. Its entries are ciphered, with the ciphers increasing in difficulty as the entries progress.

Theological Evolution And Religious Architectural Trends Among the 20th Century Crone Sect of Southern California Vampires, by Willem van Bemmelen, a notebook found by Trubee and Rollie. Rollie sensed that it was important.

*Against the darkest souls I shine the light of God

Items Found

Orange & Red Tatankatonk