Ongoing Mysteries, Rumors, and Clues

*The Deputies executed the writ of seizure on the Santiago House, only to find that its previous owner, Thomas Franks, had turned into a draugr. In the ensuing fight, Franks was killed by the Deputies and his own ghouled mountain lions, which Cavanaugh adopted. On their way back, they were ambushed by the Circle Hierophant Jubal, and Edgar was cursed to die in six months in a ritual of blood magic.

*Rollie was initiated into the Ordo Dracul by Leisurely Foster. On his first encounter with the Los Angeles chapter, he discovered that Leisurely was on bad terms with its leader, that she was also a powerful vampire of advanced rank in the covenant, and that the Prince held the rank of Adept.

*Cavanaugh took Thomas Frank’s diary home from the Santiago House, and is working on deciphering it. Every entry so far has made mention of his strange sire.

*A capable-looking Gangrel has just arrived in Orange County by way of Utah, where she was apparently a figure of some renown in the Salt Lake City court. Reliable gossipers have her staying with Leisurely Foster, who she seems to be friends with, until she can find a place of her own.

*Stay out of Black Star Canyon. Worse things than vampires lurk in the dark, quiet canyons, and Black Star is where they make their home.

Ongoing Mysteries, Rumors, and Clues

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