Session 11

Q: What is motivating Teresa Okienka here?
Q: What is motivating Jubal here?
A: Rollie can see the lord walking forward, and the lord standing on the fence. They both know that she will die. What else could she want? Her sire would be proud. There is no finer end. She did not flinch. Figueroa’s daughter died, and was worthy of the name and title. The doubts and debts will be erased. He’s pleased that she stepped forward, that he didn’t have to break his sacred vow and stain his hands with blood tonight. The ones who need to sharpen their claws will sharpen them on her.

Q: Is it too late to avert further bloodshed?
A: They both have their reasons not to fight. Who wants to die, really? Jubal would rather see the ones under him fall righteously than pervert the process with his interference. Teresa has not yet exhausted herself in the organization. Who wants to see their ambitions permanently interrupted?

Q: Would it be easier to to get Jubal to stand off, or to convince Okienka to run?
A: Jubal fears the sun. Teresa fears Jubal.

Q: If we avoid a fight here, where will Jubal attack us next?
A: Down, around, who knows. The winter solstice. He has all the time he needs. He’s already marked one of you; the rest seem to stumble into his plans anyway.

Q: Is this flashlight enough to drive Jubal off?
A: What is the flashlight, except a symbol of God’s infinite power and justice? And even symbols have power left in them.

Q: Which of the other supernatural people rollie’s met is most like Jubal?
A: Jubal would jump out of a helicopter for his charges, even if he couldn’t fly, and he’d try to make them see the value in it. Who better to end Teresa than her sire’s apposite opposite?

Q: Are Cavanaugh’s ghouls okay?
A: The cats are better than okay. The one on the far left isn’t paying attention like he should. He’s letting the spectacle distract him, and if their master ordered them to, they would happily tear his throat out and smash his skull.

Q: Is there anything acting on this scene that Rollie can’t see or perceive directly?
A: All hands are revealed. All that’s left to see is who folds.

Q: What can Rollie do, to make them as scared as Rollie is right now?
A: Rollie is standing next to three Invictus. All he has to do is make them remember. The Invictus conquered them once already, didn’t they?

Q: Exceptional Success: In addition to learning five or more discrete things, the vampire intuits the broader narrative significance of the scene as a whole, especially as it pertains to them.
A: Does Rollie imagine that oath he took meant nothing? They are servants of the Brilliant Court of Los Angeles, agents of Prince W. Kingsland Bailey, Unconquered, triumphant. Who are these people? You are Invictus. You were not born to sue, but to command. You carry that weight. Use it.

Session 11

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