Session 9

Q: What in this room is most like Leisurely?
A: Trubee.

Q: What object in this room is the most important to Rollie?
A: The leather notebook that she tosses to him. On the first page, in tight, scratchy lettering: Theological Evolution And Religious Architectural Trends Among the 20th Century Crone Sect of Southern California Vampires.

Q: What would a thief most want from this house?
A: There is a pattern in the book that the dead man discovered, unknown to him, and in fact known only to an impossibly specific few. If a thief was in the house, they would pass it by without realizing that they’ve found an incredible and terrible treasure.

Q: Did the person who last slept in the apartment’s bed die unnaturally?
A: The man who slept in the now-unoccupied bed spent the last four decades of his life living with an unimaginable burden on his conscience. He suffered unnaturally every day of his life, until he died unloved and without hope.

Session 9

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